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Project summary

PROFNAIT is a collaborative project that involves nine of the leading Northern European companies, universities and health care institutions within FNAIT prevention and therapy.


The goal of the PROFNAIT project is to develop a new drug that can protect HPA-1a negative women from being immunized against HPA-1a and prevent the development of FNAIT. The project also aims at preparing the country-wide screens of pregnant women that are required in order to identify the women who would benefit from prophylaxis.


The project is divided into three stages:

  1. Collection of plasma from women who are already immunized against HPA-1a. This plasma is required to make the drug. We will need to collect plasma from hundreds of HPA-1a immunized women and we encourage all potential doners to sign up.
  2. In the second phase, we will show that the drug is both safe and effective. Firstly, we will see how well it works in healthy men; secondly, we will screen 85,000 pregnant women for HPA-1a status and invite the 1,600 HPA-1a negative women that we expect to find to participate in the final testing.
  3. In the last phase, we will seek approval of the drug and prepare for the implementation of HPA-1a typing and prophylaxis worldwide.